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Having a blast in the sandbox is a tried and tested childhood activity. It lets your child have beach-like fun all without ever leaving the back yard. Unlike the beach though, you have grass and trees, animals and debris floating around, all of which will settle eventually into the sandbox. Instead of cleaning it out every time your child uses it, why not check out our high quality sandbox covers? The covers are fantastic for protecting the sand, making sure it is always clean while providing your child with an excellent playtime opportunity that is always pristine and like-new.

(NOTE – If you choose snaps, parts of the snaps that screw into the sides of your sandbox, using a phillips head screwdriver will be provided)

Features of the Sandbox Cover:

  • Custom Made. Not all sandboxes are made with the same measurements. You might have even created the box yourself. This means you need a specially crafted cover for your needs. We provide you with a custom sandbox cover for any size or type of sandbox. Whether attached to a play set or free standing, you’ll receive the perfect design for your needs.
  • Color Options. Let’s face it, everyone has a different taste in color. Maybe you want it to blend in with the rest of the grass so you’re looking at greek. Or, maybe a brighter, funner, red or yellow fits your needs. There are several different colors available, which means you will always have the very best sandbox cover that fits your design and color requirements.
  • Mesh Options Available. While you can go with a heavy, marine grade vinyl as your cover, you also have the opportunity of going with a mesh cover. This gives you a bit more slack and leeway while moving with the cover. it also allows for a tighter, more snug fit.
  • The sandbox cover is waterproof and water resistant. You don’t want the sand to turn to mud, as it would when exposed to the air. Instead, our covers protect the sand, so even right after a heavy rain, your kid can head outside and play in the sand.
  • Full UV Protection. The sandbox cover comes triple layered with nylon mesh. This means, if any toys are left out in the sandbox, it won’t become bleached from extended sunlight exposure. Everything inside of the cover is protected.

When it comes to investing in your sandbox, the best way is with a quality sandbox cover. Our covers are durable, waterproof, UV protected and designed to last as long as your sandbox.


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