Swing Set Canopy (Single Color)




Nothing keeps your children better protected from the blazing heat of summer or a passing shower like a heavy duty swing set tarp from Covering Fun. Our high quality canopy can be easily installed above your swing set to provide shady relief from the summer heat, and keep your children dry when the weather is inclement. It is ideal for use as a replacement playset tarp if your original happens to become damaged by falling branches, violent weather, or just plain long usage. Here are some of the features which make it a long-lasting, effective shelter for your kids’ play area:

Features of the Covering Fun Playset Tarp

  • Made of strong 15-oz. heavy duty vinyl, the canopy is both waterproof and highly resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays
  • You have the option of choosing fasteners – either grommets, snaps, or the non-hardware method
  • All hardware is spaced between 12 in. and 18 in. apart for uniform strength
  • Edges of the canopy are all folded over and sewn so they won’t interfere with children’s play activity
  • Canopy size is customizable to fit any swing set or play area

How to Order Your Replacement Swing Set Canopy

Please note that because your replacement tarp is custom-made to the specifications you provide us, it cannot be re-sold for use on any other playset, and is therefore non-returnable. This makes it especially important that you pay very close attention to the instructions below, which describe how to determine the requirements for your swing set canopy. By following these instructions, you will be sure to receive a properly sized canopy, in accordance with your specifications.

Ordering options for your swing set canopy

  • Choose your hardware options (read the ‘Snaps vs. Grommets’ description of hardware choices below)
  • Determine the length and width of the canopy you will need, rounding up when the dimensions are in between whole numbers. We will calculate the actual square footage for you.
  • Indicate which side of the tarp you would like the hardware placed on (refer to ‘Short edge vs. long edge’ description below)<

Snaps vs. grommets hardware selection

When you place your order for a Covering Fun swing set canopy, you can choose either snaps or grommets for fastening the tarp to the playset. The advantage of a snap system is that it is slightly easier to take down when the outdoor play season has ended, whereas the appeal of using the grommet hardware method is its ease of installation, and how quickly it can be setup to appease impatient children.

A snap hardware system uses screws with male snap heads that screw directly into the playset itself, while the female snap is pre-fastened to the canopy, and snaps simply on to the male screw head in the same manner as a button would. In a grommet hardware system, you would secure the canopy to the playset by using screws with washers through the grommet holes.

Short edge vs. long edge hardware setup

Your playset tarp will probably be rectangular in shape, and most likely one side will be significantly longer than the other side, which means you’ll have to choose which edge you want the hardware on. This will be the hardware used to secure your canopy to the playset itself, so the choice is important. In most cases, the hardware should be installed on the shorter edge of the canopy, since that would be the side secured to the playset. If hardware is attached to the long edge of the canopy, the coverage for the canopy would be over a much more narrow area.


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